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Tips for using fresh stone-milled Stone Bridge Flour

Updated: Jan 12

The beauty of using fresh stone-milled flour is its ability to retain the natural nutrients present in the grain by cold milling all parts of the seed. Therefore, stone-milled flour will be slightly darker than commercial flours with flecks of bran and germ throughout. Also, we mill soft red and hard red wheat which is darker than a white wheat.

We recommend that you buy our flour in small quantities to maintain freshness.

Please keep your flour in a cool, dry place in an air tight container.

To extend the life of your flour, store it refrigerated for up to 9 months to a year or frozen for up to 1 year. Pantry life is 7-8 months.

You may notice subtle differences in water absorption when making bread with our high protein Bread Flour, as high protein (hard wheat) levels are thirsty,

so don’t be afraid to add more water as necessary. As our flour contains more germ and fine bran that commercial roller milled flours, be aware that you will create a dense, lower risen bread if you use only straight Bread Flour. If you would like a similar consistency to what you are used to add 50/50 up to 30/70 ratios of our Bread Flour with another bread or all purpose flour. Therefore, you get the amazing taste of the grain and lots of nutrients but still maintain a higher rise and a lighter loaf. Using our fresh stoneground flour will take your bake to the 'way flour used to taste and preform' :)

As with any recipe, make changes accordingly, if you are accustomed to a certain consistency. It may take a bit of practice to see which of our flour works with your recipes the best...and consult our Recipes Page for tried and tested recipes.

As much as you want to lick the spoon, like all flour, it is a raw product

and therefore, it should NOT be eaten until baked.

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