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Sustainable. Local. Nutritious.

From planting to harvesting, our farming practices have a focus on growing grains for quality, allowing us to create stone-milled premium flour.

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We are the Devitt Family 

Tyson, Blake, Angela and Bryna
Family Photo

Our wheat is grown and milled by us, the Devitt Family at Devitt Farms; a family owned and operated farm of grain growers, specializing in crop farming wheat, soybeans, and corn on our sustainable farm in Ripley, Ontario.

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Tyson grew up on the farm, farming with his dad and brother ever since. During planting and harvesting times it’s normal to see the whole family working together, whether it be with a

basket full of hot food or driving a tractor.


In 2020, Angela had a thought of becoming more involved in the farm by starting this journey of creating a flour mill business; stone-milling our own wheat and other locally grown wheat into high quality flour… and Stone Bridge Flour was born!

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Know where your food is grown
Buying locally stone-milled flour from Stone Bridge Flour offers you the opportunity to support your local farmer. It presents the connection of knowing where your food is grown.
It supports family farms looking to get back to basics by giving you, the consumer, access to food in your own backyard.

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The name Stone Bridge Flour is inspired by the beautifully crafted stone railway bridge located on our farm. Built more than a century ago, the bridge crosses the Pine River, as part of the rail network connecting rural towns across Southern Ontario.

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