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This Cheese & Garlic Biscuit recipe is simple and quick to add to any dinner plan or enjoy their own. Savour and comfort, this hearty biscuit is delicious still warm from the oven!


Recipe: Pour contents of pouch into a mixing bowl. Chop in 8 tbsp of cold butter and pinch with fingers, or use a pastry blender to mix until pea-sized pieces form. Slowly add 1-1/2 cups of heavy/whipping cream and stir until incorporated. Dough will be sticky and dense. Fold in 3/4 cups of cheese of your choice (cheddar or parmesan are our favourites). Pull out small 2" pieces of dough and 'drop' them onto a covered baking tray. Bake at 425°F for 10-15 minutes or until slightly golden brown. Cool on tray for a few minutes and serve. Enjoy!

Cheese & Garlic Biscuit Mix

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