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Premium stone-milled flour. Locally grown in Ontario.

Our freshly milled, stoneground flour will open your appetite to a whole new world
of tasting the flour....not just the ingredients around it.

Everyday Flour, Whole Grain Flour, Cake & Pastry Flour, Bread Flour from Stone Bridge Flour
Sustainable. Local. Nutritious.

Locally Grown. Locally Milled

From Our Farm to Your Table

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We grow Ontario grains in Ripley and mill the wheat we grow at our flour mill in Kincardine. 
If we don't grow it, we source if from other local farmers.
We proudly bring you food grown right in your own backyard!

Taste the difference artisan, stone-milled fresh flour brings to your baking.
Choose from our range of flours: Cake & Pastry, Bread, Everyday
(all purpose),
Whole Grain, Rye, and Spelt.
Baking mixes: Cinnamon Scone, Pancake/Waffle, Fish Fry Batter,
Cheese & Garlic Biscuit, Banana Muffin, Whole Wheat Hot Cereal, Chocolate Cake,
Chocolate Chip Cookie, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, Ginger Cookie and Shortbread Cookie.

Let the flavour change the way you bake, the way you eat, and the way you enjoy food.

Stone Bridge Flour is committed to growing and stone-milling premium grains that let
you taste the true flavours of the grain.


Premium stone-milled flour. Locally grown in Ontario 

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Small batch stone-milled flour
The process of stone-milling is all about including all parts of the grain to give you all the nutrients and all the flavour. The way nature intended.

Soft Red Winter Wheat grown on Devitt Farms in Ripley, Ontario. Milled at Stone Bridge Flour.

Heather, Kincardine

"I really enjoy the Whole Grain Flour, it's like a flavour bomb"
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